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Trusted by the top owners and managers to ensure Local Law 87 and Local Law 84 compliance

Failed audits will cost you -
here’s how

approx $$$$ Initial non-refundable fee
$$ Initial filing (EER/Deferral)
$5,000 every year after $$$ Initial fine for failure to comply
$$$$$$ Hiring fee for new auditing company like CEC
approx $$ Re-filing fee
Failed Audits are costing you$20,000+

Our company has a 100% success rate and can guarantee it because we...

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    Were founded by people who run and manage heating systems for over 2000 NYC buildings
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    Maintain an in-house team of compliance experts - we never outsource
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    Are qualified to perform all necessary retro-commissioning measures
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    Provide concrete solutions and repairs to significantly reduce building’s energy use and utility costs
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    Meet with our clients in person to discuss and plan implementation
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    Manage your heating systems with the knowledge and expertise from running 2000+ buildings in NYC

We don’t just tell you how to save money, we make sure you actually do

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We don’t just audit boilers - we run thousands of them

We created the first end-to-end boiler monitoring system in NYC, with an average of 20% in savings for our clients

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How do we help guarantee compliance and savings?

  • Carleton Energy Consulting
  • Other Audit Companies
  1. Audit performed by full-time, trained, in-house staff
    Audit performed by outsourced freelancer
  2. Full scope of work provided
    Work is outsourced to contractors
  3. In person-meetings to discuss Energy Efficiency Report
    Give clients little to no guidance interpreting Energy Efficiency Report
  4. In-person meetings to discuss retro-commissioning measures step-by step
    Give clients little to no guidance planning and implementing retro-commissioning measures
  5. Qualified to perform all retro-commissioning measures necessary
    Require clients to hire outside engineers for retro-commissioning work
  6. Files compliance paperwork for management
    Clients are left to file on their own
  7. Guaranteed compliance with the DOB, we pay fines due to our negligence. That being said, our record is perfect
    No guarantee of compliance, clients are responsible for paying violation fee
  8. Firsthand experience managing boilers and heating monitors, created our own boiler monitor
    Basic knowledge of managing older boilers and heating monitors
  9. Perform additional DOB audit for clients if randomly selected by the DOB within the 10-year span between compliance required years at no cost
    Charge hourly fee for additional audit if property is randomly selected by DOB within 10-year span

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Local Law 84 and why do I have to comply?

Local Law 84 is a DOB regulation requiring buildings over 50,000 square feet (25,000 square feet as of 2018) to annually measure their energy and water consumption through a process called benchmarking. Building owners are required to enter their annual energy and water use in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) online tool, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and use the tool to submit data to the City. Failure to comply results in quarterly violations of $500.00 until compliance is reached.

What is Local Law 87 and why do I have to comply?

Local Law 87 is a DOB regulation requiring buildings over 50,000 square feet to conduct an energy audit every ten years, determined by the last digit of the tax block (ex. If tax block is 0017, the building must comply in 2017, 2027, 2037…). The audit must be conducted by a third party, ASHRAE II certified team of engineers. Following an audit, building management must complete required retro-commissioning work, which ensures correct equipment installation and function, and submit an Energy Efficiency Report (EER) electronically by December 31. Failure to comply results in an initial fine of $3,000.00, and $5,000.00 in annual fines for every subsequent year until compliance is reached.

When do I need to reach compliance?

For Local Law 84 Benchmarking, management needs to comply annually (May 1). For Local Law 87, management needs to comply once every ten years, depending on the number at the end of the tax block. For example, if the building tax block ends in the digit “8,” the property is required to comply in 2018, 2028, 2038, and so forth.